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Flowing water referred to as hydro power is the most widely used renewable energy source in the world. With the advent of the electrical generator, hydroelectric power plants in North America grew from 45 in 1886 to over 2,000 today.

Although hydro power currently supplies only 2 percent of the energy used by Georgia consumers, it's still vitally important to our energy mix.

Hydro power has several benefits over other forms of energy, but can also present some ecological challenges. By and large, it is one of the most affordable and environmentally neutral power sources, both directly beneficial to Georgia consumers.

How hydroelectricity is made

Hydro Power Benefits

  • Generates less pollution than fuel-burning power generation methods
  • Has comparatively low ongoing costs
  • Is renewable
  • Creates public recreational areas and new habitats for wildlife

Georgia's Hydro Plants

hydroelectric plant locations in Georgia

Learn more about each of the hydro plants currently in use. See Generation Plant Brochures

Hydro is one of the longest-running energy sources in Georgia. Use our Transmission & Distribution table to see the breakdown by source and plant. Find Out More About Hydro Usage in Georgia

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Hydro Power Demonstration

Read more about how hydroelectricity is generated and watch it demonstrated in an informative interactive piece. Go to Hydro Power 101

Enjoy Our Lakes

Georgia Power owns 15 lakes for hydroelectricity generation which, combined, offer thousands of acres of shoreline with public access areas. Enjoy everything from swimming to hiking trails, and see the beauty of our state.
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Did You Know?

Across the state, Georgia Power owns a network of 18 generating plants and 20 hydroelectric dams. Learn more about our generating plants.

Get Involved

Join a growing community of Georgians who support our environment and help generate more renewable power through the Green Energy Program.

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