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Solar Energy

You've come to the right place to learn
more about how solar energy works.

Georgia Power is your source for solar energy information. To help meet our customers' growing electricity needs, Georgia Power supports using reliable, cost-effective, renewable energy sources that work best in our state.

In 3 easy steps you can decide if solar is right for you:

Three people studying a solar panel Step 1

Learn How Solar Energy Works

Solar energy is power that is harnessed from the sun. This energy can be used as a power source ("solar electric") or as a heat source ("solar thermal").
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See if Solar Energy Is Right for You

There are a lot of good reasons to consider solar energy: it's a clean, renewable energy source that is great for the environment. Find out if you are a good candidate for solar.
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Get Ready for Solar

Take These Next Steps: Estimate costs and savings, find installers, or contact a Georgia Power solar expert for more information.
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More About Solar

Solar panels on the roof of Georgia Power's Atlanta headquarters

Georgia Power Solar Projects

Georgia Power has launched several projects to research solar energy and increase the use of solar energy in Georgia.
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Solar panels

Support Solar Energy

You can support solar energy even if you do not install it at your home. Join a growing community of Georgians who support our environment and sign up for Green Energy.

Solar panels

Additional Solar Resources

Access Georgia Power's list of helpful websites offering useful information about solar energy.
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Solar panels

Solar FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions about solar energy, installation and other topics.
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Solar Tools

Decision Maker Analyzer

Use this tool to determine if solar is an option for your home or business.

Solar Savings Estimator

Select the estimator and calculate your potential solar savings.

Information & Resources

Learn about the installation and financing options available.

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Choose from several informative solar energy videos.

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