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Electric Materials Handling

Fork Lift

Today's electric material-handling equipment is used in almost every industry to transfer cargo, stock and pallets. Whether it's a retail operation, manufacturing plant or warehousing facility, these simple-to-operate forklifts are quiet, clean and efficient. Forklift equipment is environmentally and ergonomically friendly, and can also save thousands of dollars annually per vehicle when compared to gas, propane or diesel alternatives.

Electric forklifts can help lift your business into huge savings with:

  • 40% lower maintenance costs
  • Up to 80% lower fuel costs
  • 30% longer life than internal combustion vehicles
  • Better air quality; smoother handling; less noise pollution; even less downtime, thanks to fewer moving parts.

All of this adds up to $1 or more per hour savings in operating costs for each vehicle. Why would you use anything else?

Check out all the advantages of electric material handling vehicles.

To calculate and compare forklift costs and see how electric forklifts can help improve your bottom line use the EPRI calculator.

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Electric Materials Handling Contact: Jim Milam, Product Manager | E-mail | Phone - 770-216-1395