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Green Energy

Green Energy

Today's customers are concerned about improving our environment and enhancing their businesses. If you want to receive reliable energy and do something for the environment, Georgia Power's Green Energy may be for you.

Since 2003, Georgia Power has offered this voluntary program that allows our customers to support and foster the growth of renewable energy resources through purchasing Green Energy in 100 kWh blocks.

green energy residential


Discover your options for purchasing renewable energy.

Green Energy for Business


Purchasing Green Energy can help your company meet environmental objectives.

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renwable resources

Renewable Resources

Georgia Power's main sources of green energy are solar and landfill gas, which is a type of biomass.


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Electric Car

Electric Vehicles

Plug-in electric vehicles come in a variety of makes, models and price points, so chances are there is an electric vehicle that is perfect for you. Explore your EV options.

energy direct


Analyze and benchmark your business's energy consumption and cost information with our online energy management resource.