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Following are Commercial Rates that are potentially eligible for the Commercial Energy Efficiency Program incentives. Customers on these rates that wish to participate must still meet all other Program criteria. All applications must be approved for eligibility, accuracy and completeness before an incentive can be issued. If you have further questions, please call our toll free number 1-877-310-5607.

GS General Service
PLS Power & Light Small
OGS Optional General Service Commercial
UC Unmetered Communication
TOU-EO Time of Use Energy Only
PLM Power & Light Medium
TOU-MB Time of Use-Multiple Business
TOU-GSD Time of Use General Service Demand
TOU-MAM Time of Use Multiple Account Management
PLL Power & Light Large
TOU-SSD Time of Use - Special Service Demand
MLM Multiple Load Management
TOU-HLF Time of Use - High Load Factor
SASA Seasonal Agricultural Service (A)
SASB Seasonal Agricultural Service (B)
IOP Irrigation Off Peak
APS Agricultural Process Service
FS Farm Service
SCH School Service
SLM School Load Management
G Governmental
EOL Energy for Outdoor Lighting
OLNG Outdoor Lighting, Non-Governmental
RTPDA Real Time Pricing Day Ahead Commercial
RTPHA Real Time Pricing Hour Ahead Commercial
FPA Fixed Pricing Alternative
TOU-SC Time of Use Supplier Choice