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Green Benefits

Green Benefits

Green Energy is a voluntary program that allows customers to support and foster the growth of renewable energy resources through purchasing Green Energy in 100 kWh blocks. By participating in Georgia Power's Green Energy Program you continue to get the reliable energy you need while doing something for the environment.

Benefits of Green Energy

There are many benefits associated with participating in Georgia Power's Green Energy Program. These benefits not only improve our environment, but can also help your business and the economy.

Help Increase Renewable Energy Sources in Our Region

Your commitment to Georgia Power's Green Energy Program helps support the use and development of green energy sources within our area. This additional financial support helps make renewable generators more cost-competitive and encourages further production of renewable energy.

Support the Local Economy

All the renewable energy resources used to supply Georgia Power's Green Energy Program are located in the Southeast, and 100 percent of the solar energy used to supply the Premium Green Energy product is produced in Georgia. That means when you buy Green Energy from Georgia Power, you are helping grow the local economy and supporting the renewable energy industry in the Southeast.

Buying Green Energy Can Help Your Business

Purchasing Green Energy can help your company meet environmental objectives (for instance, reducing emissions), and can help improve your relationships with customers, employees, and the local community by showing you are concerned enough about improving the environment to participate in a voluntary program.

Improve the Environment

Your purchase increases the environmental benefits associated with renewable energy generation, including the preservation of fossil fuels and the reduction of emissions. For more information, see the U.S. EPA Green Power Equivalency Calculator.

Support Green Energy Education and Outreach

Some of the money you pay each month will be used to help raise awareness and educate Georgians about the benefits of renewable energy. Increased education and awareness will help foster more participation in the Green Energy Program and more support for renewable energy.

Green-e Energy® is the nation's leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy.

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