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Non-residential customers can purchase Green Energy in 100-kilowatt-hour blocks for a 12-month time period. Commercial and industrial customers who choose to participate in the Green Energy Program will be required to buy a minimum number of blocks per month as defined in the Green Energy tariff. Non-residential customers have four different options to choose from when purchasing Green Energy from Georgia Power:

Standard Green Energy: Available for $3.50 (plus tax) a month per 100 kWh block for 100 percent biomass.

Premium Green Energy: Available for $5.00 (plus tax) a month per 100 kWh block for a mix of at least 50 percent solar energy.

Large Volume Purchase Option

Available at a lower, customer-specific price after the customer has purchased 400 blocks of Standard or Premium Green Energy. The minimum monthly purchase for the Large Volume option is 500 blocks of Standard or Premium Green Energy (900 blocks total). Customers can aggregate accounts across Georgia Power's service territory.

Customers who purchase at least 400 blocks (40,000 kWh) of Green Energy, and who wish to purchase at least an additional 500 blocks (50,000 kWh) of renewable energy, are eligible to purchase renewable energy through the Large Volume Purchase Option. To participate in the Large Volume program, a customer must purchase at least 400 blocks at either the Standard price of $3.50 (plus tax) per block or the Premium price of $5.00 (plus tax) per block to become eligible to purchase additional kWh of Green Energy at a greatly reduced price.

For the Large Volume Purchase Option, Georgia Power will contract with each interested customer individually to determine the price, quantity, term, and renewable energy source. Customers who act as a single brand under common ownership or under common control via a written franchise agreement with a single controlling entity may aggregate their load for the purposes of participating under the Large Volume Purchase Option.

Click here to view our current Large Volume Purchase Option participants.

For more information, price, terms and conditions about Green Energy's Large Volume Purchase Option, please e-mail Green Energy Sales.

Monthly Block Minimums

There are monthly block minimums based on the customer's billing rate, as shown in the table below.

Customer Type Georgia Power Rate Minimum Blocks
Small Nonresidential FBS, FS, GS, IOP, OGS, PLS, SAS A, SAS B, TOU-EO, FLATBILL, UC 2 Blocks
Medium Nonresidential APS, PLM, SCH, SLM, TOU-GSD, TOU-MB 25 Blocks
Large Nonresidential ET, FPA, G, MLM, PLL, PLH, RTP, TOU-HLF, TOU-SSD, TOU-SC 400 Blocks

Special Event Purchase Option

Allows for one-time purchases of Green Energy for events such as concerts, sporting events, conventions, meetings, etc.

Georgia Power may provide renewable energy for special events with one-time purchases through the Special Event Purchase Option. A special event refers to a non-permanent assembly, e.g. a conference, concert, sporting event, etc. The Special Event Purchase Option shall not be used to procure certified Green Energy for permanent facilities.

For more information, price, terms and conditions about Green Energy's Special Event Purchase Option, please e-mail Green Energy Sales.

Due to the way electricity is transmitted and distributed, energy purchased or produced from renewable energy resources may not be specifically delivered to you. However, the renewable energy you purchase will be added to the power grid and will displace incremental power that would have otherwise been produced from traditional generating resources. For more information, price, and terms and conditions about Georgia Power's Green Energy Program, click here.

To review Georgia Power's Green Energy product content label, click here.

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