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Green Energy is electricity produced in an environmentally friendly manner. Sources of Green Energy include the sun and biomass. The use of these sources can reduce environmental impacts from electricity generation. This makes renewable electricity technologies among the cleanest while having the least impact on the environment. You can help bring more renewable energy generation to Georgia by simply signing up.


How much does Georgia Power's Green Energy cost?

Green Energy is sold to customers in 100-kilowatt-hour blocks per month for a 12-month period. For a residential customer, 100 kWh corresponds to roughly 10 percent of an average monthly bill. Customers can choose between purchasing Standard Green Energy or Premium Green Energy. Each block of Standard Green Energy, which consists of 100 percent biomass, adds $3.50 (plus tax) to a customer's monthly power bill. Each block of Premium Green Energy, which contains both biomass and a solar component of at least 50%, adds $5.00 (plus tax) to a customer's monthly electricity bill. Customers may buy as many blocks of Standard or Premium Green Energy as they like, up to 100% of their electricity bill. After the initial 12-month period, customers are automatically re-enrolled unless Georgia Power receives notification of their wish to withdraw from the program.

Commercial and industrial customers may also buy blocks of Green Energy. These customers are required to buy a minimum number of blocks, dependent on their current electric tariff. There is also a large volume purchase option available to those business customers who desire to purchase at least 900 blocks per month. After a customer purchases at least 400 blocks, they may purchase additional blocks (at least 500) at a greatly reduced price.

For more information about the costs associated with the Green Energy Program for residential or commercial and industrial customers, please e-mail Green Energy Sales.

Why does Green Energy cost more?

Although renewable sources like sunlight and wind are free, the technology used to capture the energy they produce is still more expensive than traditional power generation methods. Additionally, the renewable sources have relatively low availability. For example, the wind does not always blow and the sun does not always shine. As demand for renewable energy increases, the higher expense of Green Energy generation may be offset by improved technology and production efficiency.

Where does my money go when I sign up for Green Energy?

When you sign up for the Green Energy Program, your monthly Green Energy payment is used to purchase renewable energy and to help cover the costs of the program, which include customer education, program promotion, tracking and verification in accordance with Green-e Energy certification, and program administration to ensure the highest quality product and customer protection.

Georgia Power does not earn a profit from the Green Energy Program.

Who is eligible to participate?

All Georgia Power customers are eligible to participate.

How do I sign up for Green Energy?

Georgia Power residential and commercial and industrial customers may sign up for Green Energy online or via phone at 1-800-735-7791.

When did the Green Energy Program begin?

The program was launched in October 2006.

Why is Georgia Power offering a voluntary renewable energy program?

Georgia Power is responding to the requests of our customers, the Georgia Public Service Commission and our own commitment to renewable resources.

If I have signed up for Budget Billing or FlatBill, how will Green Energy affect my bill?

Signing up for Green Energy will not interfere with Budget Billing, FlatBill, or other energy options.

Is my purchase of renewable energy through the Green Energy Program tax deductible?

No. Purchases of renewable energy through Georgia Power's Green Energy Program are not charitable contributions and therefore are not tax deductible.

Benefits of Green Energy

How does Green Energy benefit the environment?

Substituting renewable generation for traditional generation reduces overall emissions from electricity generation.

How will buying Green Energy help my business?

Participation in Georgia Power's Green Energy Program sends a powerful message about your business and how much it cares about the environment. It also says you are willing to commit your resources to positive action. Businesses that purchase Green Energy can improve customer relations, enhance their corporate image and can positively impact the community in which they operate.

Why should I contribute when my neighbor might not?

Georgia Power's Green Energy Program gives YOU the opportunity to take an active role in improving our environment. Everyone who participates makes a difference. Learn more about the benefits of Green Energy.

Green Energy Produciton

How will Georgia Power produce Green Energy?

Sources include solar and biomass.

What is biomass, and how is electricity generated from it?

Biomass is organic material made from plants and animals, like crops and wood waste. Landfill gas is a form of biomass, which consists mainly of methane and carbon dioxide created by the decay of landfill waste. Landfill gas is burned, or flared, in order to reduce the hazard arising from gas buildup. By burning methane in boilers, steam is produced for power generation. To learn more about biomass, click here.

How much electricity can a landfill produce?

It depends on the size and age of the landfill, but production tends to range from three to eight megawatts. A five-megawatt plant would produce approximately 39 million kilowatt-hours per year - enough to meet the yearly energy needs of about 3,200 homes.

What is solar energy? How is it generated?

Solar energy is electricity that is converted from sunlight. It's generated through photovoltaic (PV) systems that use semiconductor cells, or modules, that convert sunlight directly into electricity. Click here to learn more about solar energy.

To learn more about selling the solar energy you generate back to Georgia Power, please visit the solar buy-back page.

How much electricity does a PV solar system produce?

Production depends on the size of the PV system, which typically ranges from one to 100 kilowatts. On average, a 10-kilowatt PV system could generate approximately 13,140 kilowatt-hours per year, or a little more than the total annual amount of electricity used in a typical home.


As a consumer, how can I be assured that the energy is from environmentally friendly resources?

Georgia Power's Green Energy Program uses energy from renewable generation that meets the criteria that has been approved by the Georgia Public Service Commission. Additionally, Georgia Power's Green Energy Program is Green-e Energy certified and meets the standards of the Center for Resource Solutions.

What is Green-e Energy Certification?

Green-e Energy® provides independent, third-party certification to ensure certified renewable energy meets specific environmental and consumer protection standards

Does the renewable energy I purchase come directly to my house?

Due to the way electricity is transmitted and distributed, energy purchased or produced from renewable energy resources may not be specifically delivered to you. However, the renewable energy you purchase will be added to the power grid and will displace incremental power that would have otherwise been produced from traditional generating resources. Your participation in the Green Energy Program will help stimulate and support the production of renewable energy in Georgia.

What else is Georgia Power doing to support the environment beyond Green pricing?

Georgia Power supports an array of environmental projects to make our air and water cleaner and our land more beautiful. We recently reduced our impact on the environment by investing $800 million in additional emission reduction controls on seven power plants. We anticipate spending another $2 billion on additional controls to meet new federal and state rules over the next several years. We also are building and enhancing habitats for wildlife, and are involved in numerous company-supported programs that educate the public about the environment and energy conservation. Learn more by reading Georgia Power's Environmental Commitment.

Who should I contact for more information?

For additional information regarding Georgia Power's Green Energy Program, please e-mail Green Energy Sales.


Green-e Energy® is the nation's leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy.

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