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Forestry for Wildlife

Our forests are more than a renewable resource. They foster wildlife habitats, preserve beautiful natural areas for recreation and even provide jobs. Join us in helping conserve these natural areas for use by future generations of Georgians.

Enjoy These Special Places

Georgia Power is the largest private provider of public use land in Georgia. Approximately 30,000 acres (or 38 percent) of company land is leased to and managed by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for wildlife management areas (WMAs) and state parks to enhance wildlife habitat and provide outdoor recreation to the public.

Wildlife management areas provide opportunities for big and small game hunting and excellent fishing. Campers, hikers, bird watchers and nature lovers can enjoy the beauty of the forests and waterways in these areas. Canoeing, bike riding and archery are available in some of the WMAs and many provide nature trails with interpretive signs describing the benefits and characteristics of our natural resources.

We also provide resources to support wildlife and protect habitats.

  • Long-term management of timber stands has preserved breeding areas for both game and nongame species.
  • MARSH projects (Matching Aid to Restore State's Habitat), a joint effort of Ducks Unlimited, the DNR and Georgia Power, provides and enhances wetland habitat for ducks and geese, as well as other game and nongame.
  • Georgia Power, the Wildlife Resources Division (WRD), and the National Wild Turkey Federation have formed a partnership to enhance wild turkey populations on the wildlife management areas owned by Georgia Power.
  • Eight federally-listed and many state-listed threatened or endangered species inhabit the land we own. Georgia Power land management foresters follow federal and state laws and guidelines to protect these species, their nesting sites and their habitat. Georgia Power also participates and cooperates with the WRD for surveying to preserve listed plant and animal species.

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Additional Resources

Our land department develops display exhibits focusing on forestry, wildlife management, and outdoor recreation as well as brochures highlighting company owned parks, lakes, and wildlife management areas (WMAs).

Learn more about other sites and partnerships.

Did You Know?

Georgia Power is committed to lessening the environmental impact of traditional energy resources. See our latest energy advancements.

Did You

Georgia Power has planted more than 1.4 million trees across the state over the past five years! Learn how we are improving air quality.

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