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Georgia is the fourth-fastest growing state in the nation. In order to serve our customers, Georgia Power continues to invest in infrastructure to maintain the reliable, affordable electricity and the high level of customer satisfaction that our customers deserve and expect.

Investing in Georgia's Energy Future:

The Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) voted Dec. 21 to approve a plan that will increase Georgia Power's base rates about 10 percent beginning Jan. 1, 2011 to recover the costs of investments in cleaner generation sources, power lines, smart grid technologies, environmental controls and energy efficiency programs to meet current and future customer demand.

Beginning Jan, 1, 2011:

Additional increases are as follows
Year Monthly Dollar Increase Percentage Increase
2011 $10.76 10%
2012 $3.09 2.6%
2013 $1.48 1.2%

For business customers, the average increase will range from about 7 percent to 8.7 percent.

As of December 2009, Georgia Power rates were about 14 percent below the national average and 7 percent below the Southeast average.

Even with the proposed increase, Georgia Power customers will be paying lower base rates today than they were in 1991 on an inflation-adjusted basis. Total rates, which include base and fuel rates, also have lagged the rate of inflation.

Reliable and Cleaner Generation:

Since Georgia Power's last based-rate case in 2007, the company has invested about $5 billion

  • In Reliability and Smart Grid - To ensure a stable and efficient grid, and reliable service for customers
  • In Cleaner Natural Gas Generation - To ensure adequate and cleaner energy when our customers need it. At Plant McDonough, coal-fueled units are being replaced with natural gas units. The new units will produce enough electricity to power 625,000 homes. This change will ensure reliability of electric service to north Georgia while reducing the environmental impact of the plant on the local community.
  • For a Cleaner Environment - To continue to reduce emissions and meet federal and state environmental standards. By 2015, the company anticipates reducing nitrogen oxide emissions by 85 percent and sulfur dioxide emissions by 95 percent from 1990 levels and achieving significant reductions in other emissions.

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