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My Power Usage

Smart Meters

Smart Meters are the brains behind My Power Usage, enabling us to remotely read a customer’s meter. It’s the kind of state-of-the-art technology you've come to expect from Georgia Power.

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Power Credit

Power Credit is designed to shift the time when power is used by your home's air conditioner. Sign up and get a $20 credit.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Managing Energy Costs

If knowledge is power, you’ve got lots of it with My Power Usage. Currently available for residential Standard Service and Budget Bill rate plan customers, My Power Usage helps you monitor how much electricity you’re using each day and even projects the amount of your monthly bill. Graphs display high and low temperatures to help you learn how weather affects your bill. My Power Usage offers you value and flexibility since you can choose to monitor costs daily or monthly.

With My Power Usage, you can adjust your energy consumption according to your lifestyle and budget. And you’ll have complete, 24/7 access to your usage information – with no waiting – on georgiapower.com. That means you can view your power usage whenever it’s convenient for you.


  • Track daily energy usage and costs.
  • No more guessing. No more surprises. View your projected bill before it arrives in your mailbox.
  • Set up email notifications for daily or monthly usage.
  • Sign up to receive money-saving tips.

Billing Surprises Are a Thing of the Past

My Power Usage is updated every 24 hours, so you can always keep up with your latest usage information. It’s another way we’re helping you get more value for your energy dollar.

You can start using My Power Usage by signing in to your online account and selecting the appropriate link. If you don’t have an online account, you can create one by selecting Register Now on georgiapower.com. It’s that easy. Now you’ve really got the power!

NOTE: Currently, this program is only available for residential customers on the Standard Service and Budget Bill rate plans. Due to rate complexities, it does not include Flat Bill, Green Energy, Senior Citizen, Solar, Plug-in Electric Vehicle, and Nights & Weekends plans, or analog meters, multiple meters and service points, RNR bi-directional, and AMI meters with a constant greater than 1.