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Georgia Power has completed upgrading all its 2.4 million customers to a Smart Meter. This six-year initiative to enhance its metering service began in January 2007.

Smart Meters enable us to remotely read a customer's meter without having to send out meter readers every month. In addition, the state-of-the-art technology behind the Smart Meter system will enable us to provide our customers with a host of new and future benefits.


Increased efficiency - Smart Meters will eliminate the need for representatives to regularly visit your property to read your meter, increasing our efficiency.

Quicker power restoration times - Smart Meters will notify us immediately in the event of a power outage, helping us to more quickly pin point any problems, and quickly restore your power.

Increased access to your energy usage information - Smart Meters will allow you access to view and monitor your energy usage online. This will give you more control over your monthly bill.

More pricing options than ever - Smart Meters will give you the option to take advantage of current and future pricing rates that match your lifestyle.

Reducing the amount of pollution - Smart Meters will allow us to take nearly 300 vehicles off the road and eliminate 14 million miles of travel.

How does a Smart Meter work?

A Smart Meter simply measures the amount of electricity a customer uses. The primary difference between a Smart Meter and an older mechanical meter is that the Smart Meter can automatically and remotely transmit a customer's total electric usage to Georgia Power using a radio signal.

How to Read Your Smart Meter?

A Smart Meter simply measures the amount of electricity a customer uses. The primary difference between a Smart Meter and an older mechanical meter is that the Smart Meter can automatically and remotely transmit a customer's total electric usage to Georgia Power using a radio signal.

meterReading your Smart Meter is easy. In fact, it's similar to reading the odometer on a car, only instead of calculating the miles you've driven; your smart meter shows you how much electricity you used.

Electricity usage is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). A Smart Meter measures the amount of kWh you've used.

A Georgia Power Smart Meter displays a series of numbers. If you view your Smart Meter and see 8888888, this means the display is in ‘test’ ‘mode, indicating the meter is working properly. After a brief moment more numbers will appear. This is your meter reading.

To find out how much energy (kWh) you've used over a given time, take an initial meter reading. At a later time, take a second reading. Subtract the first reading from the second reading to determine how much electricity you have used during that time.

Using the meter to the left as an example, the initial meter reading is 35832. If you go back to the meter at a later date and it reads 36500, then you've used 668 kWh for that time period (36500 – 35832 = 668).

Residential Customers on Time of Use or Special Rates

Time of Use rates are designed to help you save money. During peak periods it costs more to produce electricity. With Time of Use rates, if you shift some of your electricity usage out of peak times, Georgia Power passes the savings onto you.

If you are on a Time of Use rate your Smart Meter still records your electrical usage, but it also records the time period during which you used the electricity. The time period is denoted by a number before the reading on your meter.

For example if an 11 is displayed on your Smart Meter followed by the number 843, then this means you have used 843 kWh during the On Peak time period. Just like the process above you simply subtract your current reading from your previous reading to find your current usage.

You can use the chart below along with your bill to read your meter and calculate your usage.

Display ID Reading Type (as shown on bill) Reading Type
888 Segment Check Segment Check
01 Time Time
10 Tot kWh Total kWh
11 Onpk kWh On Peak kWh
12 Wn Offpk Kwh Winter kWh
14 Sm Offpk kWh Off Peak kWh
16 Super Off Pk kWh Super Off Peak kWh
20 Onpk kW On Peak kW
70 kWh Received Received kWh

The energy use information collected by your smart meter can show you how your home is using electricity and help you manage your energy costs. To manage your energy usage online, sign in to your Georgia Power account and select My Power Usage.� From here you can view your daily energy usage, set alerts and view your monthly projected bill amount.

To learn ways to save money and energy use, visit our Save Money & Energy page for energy-saving tips and available rebates.

How does a Smart Meter send information?

To send information, Smart Meters transmit relatively low power radio signals similar to those used by cell phones, baby monitors and garage door openers.

How often do Smart Meters transmit data?

Smart Meters send readings on average for about one second each day.


You may have heard or read some things on the internet that leave you with questions or concerns about Smart Meters. The video below addresses some common misconceptions, and gives you the facts about Georgia Power's Smart Meters. If you have any questions after watching the video below, please feel free to email us at smartmeter@georgiapower.com

Will installing a Smart Meter raise the amount of my energy bill?

No. There is no additional service charge for having a Smart Meter. Your Smart Meter records your whole house energy usage just the same as your old mechanical meter.

Will the Smart Meter decrease my energy bill?

A Smart Meter will not decrease the amount of your energy bill. However, in the future, the system will allow Georgia Power to offer you detailed energy usage information and rate options so you can better manage your home's energy usage.

Will the Smart Meter force me to change how I use energy?

No. The Smart Meter will not force you to change anything. However, it will provide you with the opportunity to view your usage online. Viewing your usage can allow you to make choices, such as new rate options, that will best fit your lifestyle and your wallet.

Can a Smart Meter track how I am using electricity?

No. A Smart Meter only gathers whole-house readings, just like a mechanical meter. It does not have the ability to monitor or control individual appliances.

Can a Smart Meter control my appliances?

No. The Smart Meter only takes whole house readings of your energy usage, just like a mechanical meter.

Is the transmission of my personal information secure?

Yes. Customer usage data is sent over a private, dedicated network. The meter information is identified by radio number only, not the customer's name or address. Usage data is stored on secure company servers.

Are Smart Meters safe?

Yes. Any claim that the meters are radioactive is entirely false. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted maximum permissible exposure (MPE) limits for radio transmitters of all types, including Smart Meters. Georgia Power Smart Meters operate at only a fraction of the safe power limits identified by the FCC guidelines for safe exposure.

Emitting devices.

*Source Exponent Report to NV Energy

I have heard the government ordered Georgia Power to install Smart Meters. Is this true?

No. Georgia Power has received no funding from Washington or any other outside entity to install these meters. The decision to upgrade and install the new meters was requested by Georgia Power to improve meter reading efficiency and was approved by the Georgia Public Service commission in 2006.

I have heard the meters are a fire hazard. Is this true?

No. We have investigated all Smart Meter fire claims in Georgia and none have been the fault of the meter.

Can I opt out of the Smart Meter Program?

Yes. Customers who opt out of having a smart meter installed and prefer to maintain a mechanical meter at their residence can now do so with a basic service charge of $19 per month. Customers can request removal of their smart meters by calling 1-800-642-5172 or emailing G2SMARTMTR@southernco.com.

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