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Atlantic Drive
Substation FAQs

Building for the Future

What is the purpose of this project and why is it necessary?

The metro Atlanta area is continuing to see steady growth and renewed interest in urban living. Included in this redevelopment are residential units, commercial office space and retail shops. As this redevelopment continues, the demand for electricity in the area will soon exceed our capabilities to supply electric service from existing Georgia Power substations and distribution lines.

What is the benefit that the community will derive from the new substation?

This project will ensure that customers in the area will continue to have reliable electric service.

Why is this work being done in this area and not in other areas of town?

Georgia Power, like other utilities, is doing work similar to this across Georgia and particularly in metro Atlanta. The necessity for the work is driven by the residential and commercial growth in the area and because our existing customers continue to add electrical load to their homes and businesses.

Where will you build the substation?

The substation will be located on a 1.5-acre site west of Interstate 75/85 on the corner of 14th Street and Atlantic Drive. (See map)

When will construction begin?

Construction for the project is scheduled to begin in 2012 and the substation is proposed to be operational by summer 2013.

Will the electric bills of area residents and other ratepayers increase because of these projects and, if so, how much per month?

These costs are a part of Georgia Power's normal capital improvement budget and are eventually added into the overall rate base. This project will not be included in the rate base until it actually goes into service. Even then, rates will only change when the Georgia Public Service Commission approves a base rate case.

What is the timeline for this project?

We currently expect to have the new facilities in service by June 2013. You can find the current schedule of work on the Atlantic Drive project intro page.

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