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Vegetation Management

Hairpin Vegetation Management

Transmission lines make up the electric highway that transmits electricity across long distances. Through an integrated vegetation management program, we maintain vegetation on more than 12,500 miles and 150,000 acres on transmission easements across the state. Our maintenance activities are necessary to provide reliable and economical service to all customers, including you.

On some properties along the Hairpin line, Georgia Power will need to clear more ROW than it is currently clearing. The wider ROW in certain locations is necessary because:

  1. We are currently operating and maintaining along certain sections of this line on a sub-standard ROW width that needs to be corrected.
  2. It is crucial we maintain the proper ROW on this line given the critical nature of this line to the entire Metro Atlanta area electric infrastructure.
  3. Trees, vegetation and other related obstructions contribute to reduced reliability, make maintenance and emergency repair more difficult, and can extend outage times.

In addition, we have general practices we utilize in working with all property owners:

  • Georgia Power is committed to completing the Hairpin project with minimal impact on the natural environment.
  • As we do with all major (and minor) projects, we will work with affected property owners along the route on an individual basis to address landscaping concerns.

As it rebuilds this line and ensures the long-term reliability of this transmission line, Georgia Power will work to preserve trees outside of the ROW. We are evaluating ways that we might be able to offset trees removed during this project by planting new trees in nearby areas or other parts of Atlanta. Over the past five years, we have planted more than 1.4 million trees and work with organizations such as The Arbor Day Foundation on a variety of initiatives. Georgia Power is also a certified member of Tree Line USA, a resource for best practices in utility arboriculture.

For more information download the Recommended Vegetation PDF.

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