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Houston Chapel Project

This area substation is needed to serve growth and increase reliability in the Clifton Corridor. Some of the affected customers are the CDC, Egleston Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and Emory University.

Currently, the Clifton Corridor is served exclusively from two Georgia Power-owned substations located on Oxford Road. These stations and the circuits that distribute the power are configured to supply a highly reliable service to these three customers. The projected large increases in peak electric demand will create overloads on the existing substations and distribution circuits unless preventive measures are undertaken.

Georgia Power has spent several years researching a number of possible solutions including expanding the existing substations, transporting power into the area from other nearby substations and constructing a new substation. Constructing a new substation was determined to be the only solution that was both practical and long-lasting.

Project Timeline for Substation Construction

Public Information Meeting December 6, 2012
Site Prep/Grading/Wall Begins Summer 2013
Line Construction Begins Fall 2013
Substation Construction Begins Spring 2014
In-Service Winter 2015

Site Location

Site Simulations

Angle 1

Angle 2

Angle 3


If you have additional questions about Georgia Power's Houston Chapel substation project, please read our Houston Chapel Substation FAQs or contact us.

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