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Georgia Power is interested in working with dealerships across the state. We would like to ensure that you have all the information that you need as you move forward in selling electric vehicles. We know that our customers are going to come to you with many questions. Our PEV website addresses frequently asked questions on preparation, usage and rates.

Here is some additional information:

Federal Incentives

Tax Credit for Electric Vehicles*—Up to $7,500—includes Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles as well as Battery Electric Vehicles.

State Incentives

  • Income Tax Credit of up to 20% of the cost of an electric car, maximum of $5,000—Battery Electric Vehicles eligible. For more information please go to www.afdc.energy.gov/afdc/laws/law/GA/5180*
  • Vehicles displaying alternative fuel license plates are allowed to use HOV lanes, regardless of the number of passengers. For more information please go to this page*.
  • Also, vehicles displaying alternative fuel license plates and are registered users for HOT lanes are toll exempt and can use them regardless of the number of passengers. Learn More*.

Charging Site Locations

Several websites offer charging station locators*, including the U.S. Department of Energy*.

To locate a charging station when you're on the go, download the PlugShare app* for your iPhone or Android-powered smart phone.

Customer PEV Rate Information

Plug-in Electric Vehicle Rate Card | Frequently Asked Questions

*By clicking on the link, you will leave georgiapower.com and be directly transferred to a third-party website not affiliated with Georgia Power Company. Georgia Power Company does not endorse or approve any third-party websites or its products, services or opinions. The terms and privacy policies of the third-party website will apply. Your use of the third-party website and its content is at your own risk.

Did You Know?

Georgia Power is committed to lessening the environmental impact of traditional energy resources. See our latest energy advancements.

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Did You Know?

If 60% of U.S. vehicles were powered with electricity, there would be a 1/3 reduction in the amount of greenhouse gas emissions emitted by U.S. transportation. (Source: Natural Resources Defense Council).

Learn more about plug-in electric vehicles.

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