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Wallace Dam

The current Wallace Dam Project license expires on June 1, 2020. In 2015, Georgia Power began the process to relicense the hydropower plant using the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's Integrated Licensing Process (ILP).

During the relicensing process, numerous studies will be conducted to support licensing requirements. These include reviews of geology and soils, water resources, fish, wildlife and botanical resources, and cultural resources. The formal license application will be filed in 2018. See relicensing documents.

The Wallace Dam Project is a pumped storage initiative consisting of Wallace Dam and Lake Oconee. Lake Sinclair serves as the lower reservoir and is operated by Georgia Power under a separate license. Water generation at Wallace comes from inflow plus storage in Lake Oconee. Georgia Power currently operates the project to generate during peak power demand hours, and then pumps some of the water back at night during off-peak and lower-cost power hours. The Wallace Dam Project has a maximum generating capacity of 321.3 megawatts.

The Wallace Dam Project occupies approximately 39 miles of the Oconee River. The dam and the powerhouse are located in Hancock and Putnam counties. The project reservoir, Lake Oconee, lies in Putnam, Hancock, Morgan, and Greene counties. Lake Oconee covers 19,000 acres and has 374 miles of shoreline.

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Wallace Dam History Timeline

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