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Wallace Dam Project
Historical Timeline


Georgia Power files a preliminary permit for the Laurens Shoals Project, a pumped storage hydroelectric project on the Oconee River. A preliminary permit order is issued in 1965 with FERC issuing an amending order for the Laurens Shoals Project in 1970. A month later, Georgia Power accepts the amended license. The project's name is changed to the Wallace Dam Project.


Construction on the Wallace Dam begins.


The clearing of the reservoir begins in April of 1977 and is completed in December 1978.


The reservoir known as Lake Oconee starts filling in January 1979 and reaches an elevation of 434 feet.


Unit 6, the first pump turbine unit of the project, is declared to be in commercial operation in December 1979. By July 1980, all six units, including four pump turbine units are up and running.


Georgia Power and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources enter into an agreement to develop geese and waterfowl habitats, which remain today.


Georgia Power will begin the relicensing of the Wallace Dam Project by filing a Notice of Intent to FERC in early 2015.


Georgia Power will file the Licensing Application.


The current license for the Wallace Dam Project expires on June 1, 2020.

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