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Our Commitment to Customer Value

Plant Vogtle 3 & 4

The construction of Plant Vogtle units 3 and 4 is progressing to provide a safe, reliable, clean and cost-effective source of electricity that will provide stable prices and improve Georgia's communities for generations to come.

The new Vogtle units will help us achieve our nation's goal of energy independence, and our customers' goal of a diverse, cost-efficient portfolio of electricity sources.


Jobs for Georgians

The new Vogtle units represent one of the largest and most important infrastructure investment projects currently underway in the United States, representing a $5 billion capital investment by Georgia Power. There are currently more than 5,500 workers at the Vogtle 3 and 4 site.

Georgia Power believes military veterans’ proven commitment to pride, duty, honor and discipline add significant value to our company’s overall success. Georgia Power recognizes that former military personnel bring experience and skill to our utility company, and that is why veterans and reservists account for more than 30 percent of new hires at Plant Vogtle. For the sixth year in a row, Southern Company is ranked the nation’s best utility corporation for veterans, reservists and guardsmen.

The Vogtle facility has increased the tax base of Burke County as well as the state of Georgia and will continue to do so by creating over 800 full-time, highly skilled and highly paid jobs, which will have a compounding effect on the local economy.


Just as our customers depend on us to deliver reliable, affordable energy that is cleaner and safer, we are committed to making a prudent investment on behalf of our customers.

Safety will always come first. We remain focused on completing Vogtle 3 and 4 with safety and quality as top priorities. We will not compromise.

Georgia Power is projecting that the in-service dates for units 3 and 4 will be 2019 and 2020, respectively.

Rate Increases: Planning Ahead

This project is projected to have less of an impact on customer rates than originally anticipated. Originally certified assuming a 12 percent increase in customer rates, the overall impact on customer rates is currently projected to be 6 to 8 percent at peak due to financing and other benefits of the project that Georgia Power has proactively pursued, and the fuel savings of nuclear, with 4.4 percent already in rates and an estimated 2.2 percent remaining, totaling 6.6 percent.

Georgia Power estimates that the incremental cost to complete the facility presents more than $3 billion in savings for customers compared to natural gas combined-cycle generation.

The company’s contract shields customers from cost increases related to schedule extension.

Added Value to Our Customers

The new units will have less impact on customers than was originally assumed at the time of certification. We expect capital and operating costs of the facility, over its 60-year life, will continue to track below the costs projected when the facility was originally certified. Georgia Power remains committed to delivering the most value to customers by building Vogtle 3 and 4 as safely and efficiently as possible.

Georgia's electricity will continue to have a diverse fuel supply, ensuring that prices remain stable and cost competitive for many decades to come, in turn providing the foundation for a strong and vibrant economy.

Construction Photos

We are proud to be building the first new generation of nuclear energy facilities in the U.S. See the latest photos of Vogtle units 3 and 4.

Vogtle Update

Vogtle Units 3 and 4 are the first new nuclear units built in the U.S. in the last three decades.

View Construction Photos

Plant Vogtle Job Opportunities

Plant Vogtle is the largest job-producing project in Georgia. At the height of construction, it will employ approximately 5,000 people and, once operational, will offer 800 permanent jobs for Georgians. See Plant Vogtle See Plant Vogtle job opportunities.

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