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Georgia's Nuclear

Georgia Power owns two nuclear facilities, Hatch and Vogtle, which provide about 20 percent of the electricity used in Georgia. The plants are managed by Southern Nuclear, a sister company owned by Southern Company, which specializes in nuclear operations. Southern Nuclear also operates Alabama Power's Farley Nuclear Plant.

Management of nuclear energy facilities is a complex and tightly regulated operation that requires the attention of experienced technicians and proven methods. Because Southern Company, through its operating companies, owns and manages multiple facilities, we have the advantage of experience and can expertise we can share.

Plant Hatch

Plant Hatch

Plant Hatch sits on a 2,224 acre site along the Altamaha, Georgia’s largest river. Since it began operation in 1975, Plant Hatch has supplied, on average, more than nine percent of Georgia’s total electricity needs. The site includes two reactor units, eight cooling towers, a turbine room the size of two football fields, a state-of- the-art control room, an environmental lab and a high-voltage switching yard or substation. About 850 people oversee the plant’s operations 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Learn more about Plant Hatch located near Baxley, G.A..

Plant Vogtle

Plant Vogtle

Plant Vogtle, located in Waynesboro, Ga., contains the first new nuclear units in the US in 30 years. The construction of Vogtle 3 and 4 is the largest job-producing project in Georgia, employing approximately 5,000 people during peak construction and creating 800 permanent jobs when the plant begins operation. Once complete, the new units will produce enough electricity to power 500,000 Georgia homes and businesses.

Learn more about Plant Vogtle located near Waynesboro, G.A.

Where are Georgia's Nuclear Plants?


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