Solar Research Project: Georgia Power Headquarters

Georgia Power HeadquartersGeorgia Power's corporate headquarters began harnessing the sun in early 2010, as the company partnered with Southern Company to launch a rooftop solar demonstration program aimed at increasing the use of renewable energy in Georgia. Adding to the building's current energy-efficient construction and architecture, Georgia Power has installed eight different commercially viable photovoltaic (PV) panels on its roof to test which solar technologies perform best with Georgia's weather patterns and climate.

In 2015, Georgia Power updated the solar demonstration project on the rooftop of the Atlanta corporate headquarters, going from seven arrays to eight, and adding additional testing parameters to reflect recent and emerging solar panel technologies.

The project’s eight arrays have six different panel types, three inverter types, which convert solar power from DC to AC current, and two different array orientations. The eight arrays total nearly 44 kWDC. The energy generated by the PV panels will partially offset the electricity needs of Georgia Power's corporate headquarters.

This project is part of Georgia Power’s ongoing commitment to evaluate various aspects of solar, to assist in educating customers on solar as a possible renewable resource, with the following specific goals:

  • Compare string versus micro inverter technology.
  • Compare south versus southwest array orientation.
  • Compare production of vintage panels to newer technologies.
  • Test battery storage.

For more information, a real-time dashboard with current data and metrics is available to customers and educational institutions.

"We continue to explore ways to increase our renewable energy portfolio," said Ervan Hancock, manager of renewable and green strategies. "This solar research project will provide us with valuable data on a small scale of some of the leading-edge solar technologies on the market. What we learn from this project will undoubtedly give better insight into actual performance and economics to further the development of solar energy in Georgia."

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