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About Energy

A Diverse Portfolio

The key to meeting our growing energy demands is having a broad portfolio of energy sources. Diversifying our resources allows us to research, develop and deploy innovative ways to generate clean, reliable and cost-effective electricity.


Our Mission: Providing Reliable, Affordable Electricity

To balance energy supply with our growing customer demand, Georgia Power considers a wide range of energy resources. We maintain a 20-year energy resource plan, which is updated and approved by the Georgia Public Service Commission.

Nuclear Energy:
The Next Generation

We are building the first nuclear-powered plant in the U.S. in more than 30 years and providing emission-free and affordable energy to Georgia.
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Solar Energy:
As Easy as 1-2-3

solar photovoltaic grid in the sun

Learn the basics of solar energy and see if it's right for you. Plus, see how Georgia Power is utilizing this renewable energy resource today.
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Expansion Projects:
Building for the Future

street scene in savannah georgia

Rapid growth in population necessitates growth in infrastructure, including transmission and distribution lines for electricity.
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Energy Sources

georgia power plant hatch
georgia power hydro electric plant

Generating Plants
Learn about Georgia Power's network of 18 generating plants and 20 hydroelectric dams.
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transmission line against sky

Delivering Energy
Learn how Georgia Power safely delivers electricity to our customers.
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Advanced Generating Technologies
Our ongoing research is delivering sustainable change in the communities we serve.
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How Energy Is Created

The diversity of fuels that we offer allows a reliable power supply for customers. Get an overview of our different plants and the technology behind them.
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Get Energy Efficient

Check out Georgia Power's energy efficiency programs and resources created to help you save money and use energy efficiently.
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Electric Vehicles

Driving electric can save you money on fuel and maintenance, while getting you safely from point A to point B.
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