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Video Transcript

Several things keep me at Georgia Power, but I would say the most important thing to me was having a family-oriented atmosphere. And also the great work-life balance that Georgia Power provides its employees.

I would describe the people that I work with in this company in one word, and that's loyalty. Everyone in this company is very loyal; they care about you; they care what you're doing day-to-day; they ask questions; they are involved in you and your life, and that's very important to me.

I would recommend Georgia Power as a place to work for my family 100 percent. My father worked here for 20 years. I would recommend it to anyone that asked. It's a very stable company. I believe that it's very family-oriented, and it cares about its employees. And so 100 percent, yes! I would recommend Georgia Power to anyone. (video)

The people I work with, the job, the different challenges I face every day, that's what keeps me here. It could be a challenge at times. It's a very not - I don't want to say stressful - but I say it's challenging because you don't know what you're going to run into on the other side of the door and it's - it's just - it keeps it exciting.

I have recommended this to a few people as a good company because of the benefits they have, the way they, they work with you trying to develop you, you know, so that you can move up in the company. (video)

I enjoy working at Georgia Power because I feel like I work with people who care about me as an individual. They care about what I do on the weekend; they care about where I'm headed professionally. I've always gotten the support that I need, from the time that I was a co-op student and every department that I've worked in. I have never had a bad job at Georgia Power. It's always been something fun; it's always been a job that I've had the opportunity to learn more. And if I expressed interest, I was given the opportunity to explore a different way to do something or to get more technical expertise so that I could provide the others on my team with more information. Really, every job that I've had here has been something that was interesting and made coming to work every day fun. Not a lot of people get the opportunity to say that, and I'm glad that I can. (video)

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