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Our Vision

Video Transcript

I believe the company is trying to accomplish — every person that walks through this door feels like family. They feel like they belong. They feel like Georgia Power cares about me; they care about my culture; they care about my background and my experiences. And in order to do that, we have to ask our employees, "What does home feel like for you?" And when we hear those answers, we need to implement those. (video)

Tony C.:
I think what the company is trying to do with our diversity efforts is trying to bring in different perspectives. So it's not only from a, let's say, cultural perspective, but also from an educational background as well. I think the idea is to be able to foster different ideas, to be able to help people understand why there's certain perspectives from, let's say, different cultures or from different educational backgrounds. So I think being able to foster that type of inclusiveness, individuals feel very comfortable in trying to work with each other and also bringing up and sharing the ideas that they have that can make this company better. (video)

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