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A commitment to citizenship is at the heart of Georgia Power's core values. Our vision is based on a very simple premise: The quality of life in our communities directly impacts our success.

The communities in which we serve are diverse and are growing more so as our state grows. We are committed to contributing to the success and well-being of all of our communities.

Citizens of Georgia Power

We have a statewide service organization—Citizens of Georgia Power—comprised of employees, retirees and their spouses. Our employees' volunteer efforts and monetary contributions are focused on the company's primary areas for community service: improving education, protecting the environment, preventing cancer and promoting diversity, as well as strategic and local initiatives.

At the state level, all chapters are asked to support the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life and other cancer research-funding initiatives, as well as the Martin Luther King Day of Service, the American Red Cross or other blood drives, Earth Day and World Hunger Month. In addition, the chapters are involved with specific local charities and events.


In addition to community service, we also contribute to the well-being of our communities through our charitable giving efforts. Our donations support organizations such as the United Way, the Salvation Army, the United Negro College Fund, the American Red Cross and many other organizations of various sizes, all of which have a positive impact on Georgians across the state.

Community Relations

We are committed to establishing and maintaining cooperative and inclusive relationships among diverse communities and cultures throughout our state. Through high levels of engagement in the Asian, Hispanic/Latino, African American and senior citizen communities, we work closely with organizations through board service, strategic planning and support of key initiatives. Organizations such as the Latin American Association, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Chinese Community Center, Asian American Chamber of Commerce, Council on Aging, Concerned Black Clergy, and the Atlanta Urban League are just a few examples of ways we're working with communities to address issues of mutual concern.

Did You Know?

If you are a 501(c)(3) organization wishing to receive funds from the Club of Hearts, please note we accept applications for funding in March. Please check back March 1 for an online application process.

2016 Citizenship Report

2016 Citizenship Report

See the many ways we are making a difference in the communities where we live, work and serve.

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