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Our Management Council is responsible for creating the company's vision and plan, sharing that information with the community, and then putting those plans into practice.

Paul Bowers
Chairman, President & CEO

Mike Anderson
Senior VP, Georgia Power Foundation & Charitable Giving

Pedro Cherry
Executive VP, Customer Service and Operations

Meredith Lackey
Senior VP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Chris Cummiskey
Executive Vice President, External Affairs and Nuclear Development

Sloane Evans
VP, Human Resources

Xia Liu
Executive VP, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Ted McCullough
Executive VP and Chief Production Officer Southern Company Generation

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Did You Know?

Across the state, Georgia Power owns a network of 18 generating plants and 19 hydroelectric dams. Learn more about our generating plants.

Did You Know?

Georgia Power is committed to lessening the environmental impact of traditional energy resources. See our latest energy advancements.

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