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Electric Irrigation

As energy costs continue to soar, farmers are looking for more cost-efficient options to fuel their farm operations. Georgia Power wants to help your business be more energy-efficient.

For many years, diesel was often the cheapest option to powering an irrigation system. However, with today's increasing diesel prices, farmers are looking for more ways to lower their expenses.

Georgia Power has worked with the United States Department of Agriculture to develop a federally funded grant program for farmers in Georgia. The program provides funding to farmers who convert from diesel to electric and install low-flow drop sprinkler heads on their irrigation systems.

According to the website FederalGrantsWire.com, more than 100 government-supported grant and loan programs exist for agriculture.

Electric Irrigation Farmer Testimonials

Georgia's farmers are switching to electric irrigation systems to save money and energy. Today's electric irrigation systems can save you money and energy while providing farm operations with a number of other benefits.

Regardless of the water source or pump motor size, an electric irrigation system provides:

The total cost of operating an electric irrigation system can make converting from an existing diesel agricultural irrigation system to an electric irrigation system cost-effective. Besides the cost savings, electric-powered irrigation systems have substantial maintenance and environmental benefits. And, new technological advances now allow three-phase electrical motors to operate on single-phase lines, which have made electric-powered irrigation systems very popular.

Want to learn more about the electric option or would like an analysis on your specific operation, including an energy savings estimate and cost to serve responsibility? Find a contact in your area.

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