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Leasing Benefits

Leasing Benefits

Leasing provides the option of paying a monthly charge for the use of a lighting system instead of paying the full cost of the equipment and installation up front. When you lease lights from Georgia Power, you won't have to worry about your lights again. Our customer service representatives will answer your call for service 24/7, and your outdoor lights will be quickly repaired and maintained on an ongoing basis by our professional lighting service technicians.

    Enjoy the Benefits of Leasing:

  • No up-front costs
  • Fast, expert repair/replacement of inoperative lights
  • No repair hassles
  • Parts in stock for quick repair/replacement
Topic Lease Own
Up-Front Capital Minimal or none required. Required to cover the cost of materials and installation.
Warranty Georgia Power maintains the equipment for the life of the lease. One year on parts and labor to cover manufacturer defects or improper installation.
Maintenance Included in monthly lease charge and provided by Georgia Power as needed. Costly, inconvenient and time consuming; provided by your employees or third-party contractor.
Service Guarantee Three days for overhead repairs; five days for underground repairs. None.
Damage by "Acts of God" Georgia Power will replace or repair system/components at no charge. Must be covered on an as-needed basis; may be covered by insurance.
Energy Cost May be included in monthly lease charge, often at an attractive rate. Not included.
Cash Flow Benefits Minimal or no large initial cash outlay; frees up cash for business expansion or operations. Large initial cash outlay; ties up cash that could be used elsewhere.
Tax Benefits Leasing cost is expensed on current basis; potential tax benefits realized in current year. Depreciation is expended in future years, which may defer potential tax benefits to your business.
Risk No ownership risk. Risk associated with ongoing maintenance and repairs.
Customer Resource Center

Customer Resource Center

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