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Eligible Equipment
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Make the Switch

Commercial customers can receive rebates to help offset the costs of replacing older, inefficient equipment or installing high-efficiency equipment. Improving energy efficiency in your building reduces energy use and saves you money year after year.

Custom Savings

Find out how your unique energy-saving project could deliver a big rebate.

Small Commercial

Learn how small commercial customers can save on energy‑efficient upgrades.


Preapproval is now required for all projects.

To learn more about available rebates, please select from the following equipment types.

Existing Building Lighting

New Construction Lighting

Rebates are offered on a per watt reduced level for new construction.

Heating & Cooling

Rebates are offered to customers who retrofit existing HVAC-related fans, pumps, and motors with variable frequency drives or programmable thermostats. Be sure to ask your HVAC contractor or distributor for equipment that meets minimum HVAC program efficiency requirements shown here.

Water Heater

Rebates are offered for heat pump water heaters.

Reflective Roofing

Rebates are offered for new and existing buildings that install ENERGY STAR® certified reflective roofing over conditioned space.

Food Service & Grocery Equipment

Rebates are offered for energy-efficient food service equipment and commonly installed grocery equipment.

Data Center

Rebates are offered for installation of high efficiency servers and server utilization.


Rebates are offered for variable speed irrigation pumps.

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Apply for a Rebate

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