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New Construction
or Major Renovation
Lighting Requirements


  • To qualify for new construction lighting rebates, projects must have an installed lighting power density (LPD) that is at least 20 percent less than the ASHRAE 90.1-2007 Interior Lighting Power Density Allowance
  • Building lights must operate at least 1000 hours
  • Rebates are also available for qualifying interior lighting control devices: such as; occupancy controls, daylight sensing controls, and advanced lighting control systems.

Project Requirements

  • Must provide maintained lighting levels in accordance with IESNA recommendations
  • Must be a new construction project or major renovation project
  • Major renovation is defined as: Removal of the entire existing lighting system and wiring, redesigning of the entire existing lighting systems, and where a licensed professional architect or engineer has prepared and certified building plans and drawings

Technical Requirements

  • Wattage reduction may be calculated on a Building-Area basis or the Space-by-Space calculation
  • Space-by-space calculations should only be used when a predefined building type is not listed under the Whole Building Area menu. The total space-by-space square footage should equal the building square footage.

Required Supporting Documentation to Obtain Preapproval

  • COMcheck or total interior wattage calculation documents listing equipment manufacturer, model numbers, wattages, and quantities.
    • When COMcheck is used provide the raw file
  • Construction Documents:
    • Proposed or final lighting submittal package
    • Manufacturer's specification sheets for all equipment specified
    • Architectural cover page(s)
    • Lighting floor plan
    • Lighting fixture schedule and legend

Required Supporting Documentation to Obtain Rebate Payment

  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Final Payment documentation such as:
    • Pay application with summary cost per division
    • Itemized invoice for electrical/lighting equipment
  • Updated Construction Documents when Change Orders have altered the project from the Preapproval Conditions:
    • As-built submittals
    • As-built lighting floor plans
    • As-built lighting fixture schedule and legend
    • As-built COMcheck or total interior wattage calculation documents listing equipment manufacturer, model numbers, wattages, and quantities
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