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Opening - Relocating

Opening, Relocating or Stopping Service

Whether you are a new customer who wants to start service or a current one who needs to stop or transfer service, we can provide you with the information you need. You also can learn more about our deposit policy in this section.

starting service

Starting Service

As your partner in business, our goal is to help you efficiently establish electric service. The process is as easy as 1-2-3! To learn more, please see Starting Service.


Relocating and Transferring Service

To transfer service for your business account, you will need to close your existing account, unless you are requesting connection for additional service. Learn what information you will need to transfer your service and when service can be transferred.

stop service

Stopping Service

To close an account, you will need your billing account number and account access code (found on your bill), your Social Security number, federal tax ID, or paperless billing address on file. To learn more, please see Stopping Service.


Understanding Deposits

All commercial customers are required to submit a deposit or other security when establishing service. While the deposit cannot be waived, some commercial customers may be eligible for certain noncash deposit alternatives. For a commercial account, this deposit is twice the average monthly bill of the location being connected. If we do not have a sufficient usage history for your location, we will estimate your usage based on the type and size of your building.

For more information, please visit Understanding Deposits.

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Outage Alerts

Outage Alerts

Sign up to receive free alerts (by text, email or phone) about outages that affect your property and business.

Authorized Payment Locations

Authorized Payment Locations

Find a convenient location to pay your bill, including evenings and on weekends.