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Understanding Deposits


Georgia Power collects deposits on all commercial accounts. To help make this process as easy as possible and help you better understand how this process works, you can read more below.

Why is a deposit required?
A deposit equal to two times the average monthly bill is required on all commercial accounts as a partial security for the final bill.
How soon will my service start after I pay my deposit?
Deposits are billed on the first bill unless you have some previous credit issues with Georgia Power. In those instances, your deposit would be required up front.
Where can I pay my deposit?
Payments can be made at any Authorized Payment Location, online at georgiapower.com, or by phone with check, credit card or debit card with our third-party company, BillMatrix. Fees and some other restrictions may apply.
Does my deposit count toward my monthly bill?
Unfortunately, your deposit is not counted toward your monthly bill, but you can earn 3 percent simple interest while your deposit is retained on the account.
Will I get my deposit back if I move?
Your deposit plus any interest will go toward your final bill. A refund check for the difference will be mailed within 30-45 days to the final mailing address of the individual whose name was provided at the time the account was placed. However, if you are simply moving from one address to another and transferring service, your deposit will transfer to your new location/account.
What forms of payment are accepted for deposits?
You can pay with cash at any Authorized Payment Location (APL), online through our website at georgiapower.com, or with our third-party company, BillMatrix. Transaction fees and other restrictions will apply.
What is the length of time a deposit is kept?
Deposits are kept as a security on all commercial accounts for the life of the account.
Budget Bill

Budget Bill

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Authorized Payment Locations

Authorized Payment Locations

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