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Power and Light Rate Calculator

Power & Light Rate Calculator

Our Power & Light Rate Calculator is an easy-to-use tool that showcases how your business currently uses energy and where you can save money going forward. Using your current Georgia Power energy bill, plug your information into our custom calculator to discover the many ways to save.

Learn More about Power & Light Tariffs

Information about your operation

Inside City Limits/Outside City Limits

Georgia Power has to pay a charge to cities for conducting business within their city limits and on the cities' rights-of-way. A Municipal Franchise Fee (MFF) is designed to collect that money and is a "pass-through" charge, meaning Georgia Power earns no profit.

Inside City Limits @ 2.9989%

Outside City Limits @ 1.1525%

Distribution Type

Primary Distribution customers are those who receive electrical service from a distribution line at a voltage between 2.4 V and 25 kV, or from a substation or pole-mounted or pad-mounted transformer whose high-side and low-side voltage is between 2.4 kV and 25 kW.

Transmission customers are those who receive electrical service from a transmission line of 46 kV or higher or from a substation or a pole-mounted or pad-mounted transformer, which is dedicated to them and whose metering is at or emulated to 46 kV or more.

Secondary Distribution customers are those not defined as Transmission or Primary Distribution customers.

Customer Type

The Power & Light Rate Calculator is an efficient tool for a variety of customers. Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers all can utilize this calculator to help understand how a Power & Light rate is calculated. Part of the calculation includes Demand Side Management charges, which vary by customer type.

Fuel Cost Recovery

Fuel Cost Recovery is an annual adjustment in rates based on changes in the price of fuel used to generate electricity. It is separate from base rates because fuel costs vary. The Fuel Cost Recovery schedule is seasonal (Summer: June – September; Winter: October – May) and determined by distribution type (primary, transmission or secondary).

kW *

Billing Demand

The billing demand is a calculated number, based on the peak demands set in the current month, plus the previous 11 months.

kWh *

Monthly Usage

Sales Tax


How to Use the Calculator

Choose the appropriate categories and applicable county sales tax percentage in the pull-down menus above. Enter your billing demand kW and monthly usage kWh; you can locate this information on your bill. Click the Calculate Bill Total button.

This tool should only be used to calculate a normal billing period. If results differ from what is expressed on your billing statement, please call the Business Solutions Center at 888-655-5888.

bill sample

Calculate for Actual Usage

Your base rate is determined by your overall billing demand and monthly energy usage which is further applied to our rate structure as listed below. For more information regarding our rate structure, click here.

$0 Basic Service Charge

$0 Minimum kW Bill

First 200 HUD Bucket
0 kWh
200 - 400 HUD Bucket
0 kWh
400 - 600 HUD Bucket
0 kWh
Over 600 HUD Bucket
0 kWh

First kWh @ $0

Next kWh @ $0

Next kWh @ $0

Over kWh @ $0

@ $0

@ $0

@ $0

Calculate for Additional Charges


Environmental Compliance Cost Recovery (PDF)

0% of Base Rate



Nuclear Construction
Cost Recovery

0% of Base Rate



Demand Side

0% of Base Rate



Fuel Cost Recovery (PDF)

0 kWh


Municipal Franchise Fee

Georgia Power collects a Municipal Franchise Fee (MFF) from all non-city customers, based on their power charges. They also collect a Municipal Franchise Fee from customers inside city limits. All franchise fees collected directly and indirectly from all Georgia Power customers are effectively put in a pool. They are distributed to all cities in proportion to their size (by some measure).

The Municipal Franchise Fee will be updated each November via filings with the Georgia Public Service Commission, with rates effective the following January. The effective Municipal Franchise Fees for inside city limits and outside city limits will be collected by applying the following rates to the total revenues of each bill:

Inside City Limits @ %

Outside City Limits @ %

The adjustment calculated under this tariff is subject to change in such an amount as may be approved and/or amended by the Georgia Public Service Commission. Service hereunder is subject to the Rules and Regulations for Electric Service on file with the Georgia Public Service Commission.