Exterior surveillance for commercial, industrial and governmental customers.

High resolution surveillance viewing for additional security of your property

SiteView™, offered by Georgia Power Lighting Services, uses leading edge, High Definition camera technology to provide exterior surveillance for commercial, industrial, and governmental customers. Visible surveillance equipment can deter criminal activity and provide safety and security for people, vehicles, and property.

Product Details

  • Fixed lens and PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) lens with auto focus camera options
  • LPR (License Plate Recognition) cameras
  • Advanced analytics that allow you to measure business activity by time of day, staffing, etc
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Features and Benefits

Industry leading, commercial-grade equipment featuring high-definition color cameras with night vision infrared technology. Standard 1080p resolution with options for higher resolution.
Observe break-ins, property intrusions, illegal dumping, slip and fall accidents and more. Share video with law enforcement agencies to help expedite investigations.
Watch live or recorded video and store videos either on the cloud or locally while using an easy-to-use platform to access your surveillance system via the Web on mobile devices or desktop computer.
Georgia Power SiteView surveillance cameras provide unmonitored video surveillance available for viewing live or from local or cloud storage.
No surveillance camera assets to own and maintain with service provided by trained professional repair technicians.
Customize SiteView to your specific surveillance needs with professional system design and free installation.