Premium Services and Commercial Audits

Georgia Power offers energy audits, power quality investigations and premium services for our business, organization, or state and federal customers. These services can provide you an opportunity to lower operating costs, reduce your carbon footprint and prepare your facility for the future. These services are available to meet the changing needs of our customers and ensure they are aware of the effective ways to reduce energy consumption or improve the power quality in their facilities.

Benefits to our Customers

The Premium Services team is a group of certified Auditors and Specialists (Professional Engineers & Certified Energy Managers (CEM’s)) with experience in a wide range of segments including businesses, government and state agencies, commercial and industrial sites and schools. 

Services include:

Power Quality Services

All power quality services that go beyond basic trouble shooting investigations. The scope of these services can be tailored to meet exactly your needs.

Energy Star Audit

Performed by a licensed professional to verify that your facility complies with the Department of Energy’s Energy Star Program.

Compressed Air Leak Audit

Using ultrasonic technology, our team can identify compressed air leaks. These leaks are tagged and a potential savings report is provided.

Carbon Audit

Quantifies a site’s total equivalent CO2 emissions based on direct and indirect sources.

ASHRAE Level 2 Audit

These audits go beyond your standard energy audit. Major energy consuming devices and their contribution to the sites total power and energy consumption are identified, with potential energy conservation measures provided. 

Load Monitoring

Provides single-point electrical load monitoring at a panel or piece of equipment.

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We are here for all of your needs. From project planning through completion, our team provides service that is unmatched in the industry. Learn how our projects can also connect with Georgia Power systems, rate structures and incentive programs.

For more information, contact a Georgia Power Energy Services representative.

Contact our Premium Services Team