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Summit Racing Equipment

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This project consisted of removing the distribution center's current generator system and replacing it with a new emergency backup Caterpillar 1,000 kW standby 480/277V diesel-fired standby power system. The system was replaced to support the standby load requirements of the Summit Racing Equipment retail and distribution facility. After creating a safe working environment, we disconnected the existing generator cables and gas line. Then we capped the gas line at regular feed in order to provide and install a new 100 amp breaker, conduit, wire and disconnect from the utility power panel to ELPW panel in the electrical equipment service area. Once this was in place, we removed the existing ATS circuit and associated conduit and were able to begin the process of installing the new system. Our team was able to provide the engineering/design, a packaged standby power system, an open transition SE-rated automatic-transfer switch, a turnkey system installation and in-service training.

Power Services was able to serve Summit Racing Equipment's distribution system's needs to the fullest.

Columbus Water Works

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This project consists of providing and installing backup generation and distribution infrastructure at the North Columbus Water Resource Facility.

This project was designed to provide standby, prime and interactive distribution generation (IDG) services to support the facility. It also was necessary to install 15 kV switchgear, a power transformer, instrument transformers, power/control wiring and auxiliary equipment to interconnect the customer's IDG system.

Augusta Utilities Department Wastewater Treatment Plant

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The Augusta Utilities-Messerly project was a two-phase effort consisting of generation, transformers, switchgear and electrical distribution. Power Services installed three new 2,250 kW standby generators and cabling, and new 15 kV main distribution switchgear with utility paralleling with auto-transfer capability.

Due to the quality of the initial work, additional work for Messerly's distribution system was added to Power Services' scope. It included providing and installing cables from the main switchgear (MSG), installing duct bank from the load side of load-interrupting switchgear (LISG) to an existing manhole, and installing new cables and splices.

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