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Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG): Transmission Vegetation Management

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Power Services manages and schedules the vegetation management work for all MEAG transmission lines. This work covers everything from pruning and dangerous-tree removal to mowing and herbicide application. Georgia Power addresses any customer concerns on MEAG's behalf and works to maintain its easements. We have recently implemented a right-of-way perfection program to ensure compliance with federal clearance standards. In many cases, it has required the use of survey crews to establish easement boundaries, and one-on-one meetings with property owners for tree removal from the property. Vegetation Management is leading this effort in partnership with the Right-of-Way Services department.

Dalton Utilities: Distribution Vegetation Management

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Our Vegetation Management team has been maintaining Dalton Utilities' distribution rights-of-way since 2002. We also helped design and implement a highly effective vegetation management program tailored to its system.

Within the first two years of implementation, outages were reduced by more than 80 percent. The Power Services forester works with Dalton Utilities to recommend crew structure and timing of certain circuits to account for right-of-way conditions and customers, and works with the public to ensure understanding of the maintenance program.

On large-capital clearing projects, we bring in specialty crews to enable the company to address unique concerns. We schedule and supervise the contract specialty crews in all areas of right-of-way maintenance. Our crews prune trees along the right-of-way edge and remove trees growing on the easement floor. We also mow as well as maintain the gravel in the substations with herbicide. We work closely with tree committees and tree boards to ensure Dalton Utilities is in compliance with all regulations and ordinances concerning the vegetation management program.

Georgia State Parks: Emergency Response

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At 11:50 p.m. on Wednesday, April 27, 2011, an EF-2 tornado with winds reaching 130 miles per hour crossed the Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) State Park boundary in Harris County, Ga., and destroyed the historic large-group camp. The large-group camp contains structures that were constructed by the Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps program in the 1930s.

Power Services Vegetation Management was contacted to begin the long process of removing storm-damaged vegetation. Our crews were on the scene for two months clearing roadways, pushing debris piles, and clearing trees from structures.

After the initial clearing work was completed, Vegetation Management worked with Georgia's Department of Natural Resources to coordinate the effort with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide storm-damage relief funds to assist the state in the cleanup. Through several meetings and on-site visits, the state was able to secure enough FEMA funds to assist in a large cleanup effort.

Columbia County Public Works Department

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Power Services Vegetation Management has worked with Columbia County's Public Works Department since 2002 to maintain its sewer vegetation management program. Our professional foresters have worked with the Public Works Department to design a comprehensive vegetation management plan to mow, apply herbicide, reclaim overgrown rights-of-way, and place the program on a consistent cycle for maintenance. In recent years, this program has expanded to include clearing of overgrown retention ponds and vegetation control around lift stations.

Working with Columbia County, we were able to leverage our resources to improve the agency's access to its facilities and maintain its rights-of-way for a stable budget amount. The herbicide program has controlled woody growth in areas that were once cut by hand, and the savings were used to expand the right-of-way that is mowed annually.

State of Georgia Wildlife Management Areas

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The Georgia Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife Resource Division started contracting with Power Services Vegetation Management in 2008 for tree planting and site preparation on the cutover forestry land. The work has included the aerial and ground application of herbicides to control competition, as well as hand and machine planting of containerized and bare-root pines. We also have performed mechanized site preparation.

Additionally, we have provided resources to perform pre-commercial thinning operations on overstocked pine stands, and have constructed miles of interior roads on many of the wildlife management areas throughout the state.

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