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Welcome to big energy savings for your business.

You’ve been selected to receive free, personalized Business Electric Assessments showing how you are using electricity, what factors could be contributing to changes in your bill, and what steps you can take to save energy and money.


What's inside your Business Electric Assessment report?

After your official welcome letter comes in the mail, your report will arrive at your doorstep every other month. Inside you’ll find:

  • A breakdown of your monthly electric usage.

  • Your annual electric usage chart.

  • A comparison analysis to similar businesses. 

  • Practical tips to help you save.

  • Next steps and potential annual savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a hand-selected program participant, you may have specific questions about your business reports.

Our FAQs are here to help.

Where did Georgia Power get the information about my business?

We use the information you provided while establishing your electric services account to produce your Business Electric Assessments. Additionally, the reports include information collected from third parties, public records, commercial building studies, and from analyses of your historical energy usage.

Is my business information being shared with others?

No. The analyses on this report are compiled anonymously and kept confidential. This means other business customers who receive a report will never know how much energy you are using or see how much you are paying for your electric services.

My business uses a lot more energy than most, how do these reports help me?

We understand that some businesses may have challenges reducing their energy use. We provide you with this custom report to help you understand your energy expenses and help your business keep a healthy bottom line.

  • Learn what factors contribute to changes in your bill year over year.
  • Learn that energy costs are controllable operating expenses.
  • Understand your energy consumption and identify energy efficiency opportunities.

Aside from providing a wide range of no cost and low-cost energy saving recommendations, we offer additional incentives and rebates to help your business take steps towards energy usage reductions.

Can I receive my Business Electric Assessments via email?

Currently the reports are only distributed by mail.

How often will I receive Business Electric Assessments?

You should receive Business Electric Assessments every other month.

Help us send you the
most accurate reports.

Let us know of any incorrect information on your reports. This helps us personalize your experience in this program.

If you have any additional questions or need assistance updating your information for the Business Electric Assessment report,
please call 1-877-310-5607 or email If you’d like to opt out of this program, please click here.

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