Small Commercial Direct Install Program

We help small commercial customers manage energy costs and maintain a competitive edge. Customers work with Georgia Power's approved vendor, Copper Connections, to assess your energy-efficiency opportunities. The best part? Georgia Power will pay up to 70% of energy-efficiency upgrades for participating customers.

How do I Apply?

  1. To schedule an on-site energy analysis, please email our approved contactor, Copper Connections at or call 1-888-975-4734. 
  2. After the analysis, Copper Connections will provide a report outlining potential energy-savings opportunities and associated costs.
  3. To proceed with the proposed upgrades, sign a Small Commercial Direct Install Participation Agreement.
  4. Once the project is completed, you pay the customer share percentage to Copper Connections and Georgia Power pays the remaining percentage, up to 70%, to the contractor.



The program is available to Georgia Power commercial customers with a peak demand of 60 kW or less. Our program contractor, Copper Connections, can confirm your eligibility.