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Explore the advantages of high-efficiency electric cooking equipment and learn how you can maximize your energy dollars and help grow your business.

Most professional chefs practiced and perfected their culinary craft in gas-centric commercial kitchens. But that is quickly changing. Today’s advanced electric cooking technologies are providing for greater kitchen efficiencies and controls, while also helping to enhance an establishment’s comfort and bottom line profitability.

With energy efficient electric cooking, product quality is enhanced, greater product yield is possible, your kitchens can be cooler, and less maintenance is required.

Food Service Success

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Alex Brounstein and John Farrow of Grindhouse Killer Burgers speak about the benefits of switching over to electric cooking in their restaurants. Using electric appliances has dramatically impacted their day-to-day operations providing a cooler and safer environment for their employees.

The reliability of electric equipment means overall cost savings and the ability to deliver a high-quality product every time.

Free Food Service Consultation

We provide free consultation services that will help food service operators make
well-informed decisions to maximize operational performance.

  • Cooking equipment hands-on demonstrations (with your product or our product)
  • Matching best equipment to customer’s need
  • Determine what potential energy efficiency programs/rebates are available
  • Training on food service energy efficiency awareness and adoption
  • Demonstration of our energy management monitoring system on a wide range of electric cooking equipment
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Energy Efficient Cooking Equipment to Consider 

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