HVAC Systems

Ease of installation and low initial costs of packaged HVAC systems make them an extremely attractive heating, cooling, and ventilation solution for many commercial facilities. Our Energy Experts can analyze your facility’s needs and recommend the best-matched and most cost-effective HVAC solutions.

Packaged HVAC Systems

Packaged HVAC systems consist of pre-assembled, off-the-shelf equipment that provides space heating, cooling, and ventilation. A wide range of configurations are available, including both traditional and heat pump systems. Packaged systems typically fall into three general categories:

Single package rooftop systems

These systems consist of a single rooftop-mounted unit that contains all mechanical elements of the HVAC system, including compressors, condensers, and evaporators. The unit also includes a supply fan and filter system that connect to the building’s new or existing ductwork to provide air to the conditioned space.

Split systems

These systems include a typically rooftop-mounted unit that contains the compressor and condenser elements, but the evaporators, supply fan, and filter system are housed in a separate inside unit for greater efficiency.

Package terminal air conditioners (PTAC)

Also called “through-the-wall” air conditioners.These relatively small systems are like a commercial quality version of residential window-mounted air conditioners (although they are actually mounted at floor level in a sleeve passing through the building wall). The units are totally self-contained, requiring no external ductwork.


Multiple packaged HVAC units are usually required to serve an entire building. This can be an advantage, since each system can be well matched to the interior space that it serves.


Packaged HVAC units are used in almost all classes of commercial buildings. However, in some situations, custom or semi-custom HVAC systems are a better solution due their higher capacities and, in some cases, even greater efficiency. A representative from our HVAC Consulting Team can determine which type is best for your facility.

What are the benefits of packaged HVAC systems?

Packaged HVAC systems are especially suitable in situations where the absolute highest levels of performance are not required. In these situations, packaged HVAC systems offer several benefits over custom or semi-custom HVAC systems:

Low initial cost

Packaged HVAC systems almost always have a much lower acquisition cost than the total cost to design and purchase the components for an equivalent custom or semi-custom system. Lower installation costs provide additional savings.

Utility savings

Modern packaged HVAC systems are highly efficient, although they are not as efficient as a well-designed custom or semi-custom system. A representative from our HVAC Consulting Team can provide a comparison of the energy costs for new unit alternatives, or for a new unit versus an older unit that you are considering replacing.

Flexibility of use

Because a building usually requires multiple packaged HVAC units, you can carefully match each unit’s capabilities and configuration with the space that it will serve.

Ability to serve as supplemental systems

Even if custom or semi-custom HVAC systems are used in a building, some areas of the building may be poorly served or may have special heating, cooling, or ventilation demands. In these instances, using a packaged HVAC system as a supplemental system may be much more cost-effective than modifying the main systems.

Despite these many benefits, in some situations a custom or semi-custom HVAC system may provide a better solution. A representative from our HVAC Consulting Team can determine the type of system that can best serve your facility.