In addition to affecting customer perception, employee productivity and safety, the type of lighting system you choose will determine your long-term energy consumption, replacement and maintenance costs. Georgia Power can provide you with the information and tools you need to gain maximum value for your lighting investment.

Dimming Systems

Full-range and “step” fluorescent dimming systems can significantly reduce the power delivered to fluorescent lights and can even be activated in response to available daylight for perimeter areas. While fluorescent control systems can be expensive to install, the potential long-term savings are substantial.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a simple, economical service that adds value to your enterprise. As a utility with decades of experience in the outdoor lighting business, Georgia Power is uniquely positioned to help you design the most energy-efficient, cost-effective system for your facility—one we will maintain free of charge. Wherever you are in the state, and whether or not we serve your energy needs, Georgia Power stands ready to help you plan, install and maintain the best outdoor lighting system for you.

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T8 Systems (Indoor Lighting)

Even if your indoor lighting system is already retrofitted with energy-efficient core-coil ballasts and “watt miser” lamps, you can still generate additional savings with a T8 conversion. Here’s why:

  • T8 lamps and ballasts are much more efficient than standard lamps and ballasts
  • T8’s astute use of reflectors, new lenses and “overdriven” ballasts create opportunities for cost-saving delamping
  • Four-lamp fixtures can often be retrofitted with three or even two T8 lamps and ballasts and still maintain the same light output
  • While T8 equipment requires a higher premium when relamping or reballasting, that expense is offset by energy savings, longevity and reduced maintenance costs