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Benefits for Your Business

Reduce Production Costs

As the old saying goes, "Time is money." Reducing the amount of time your products spend on the manufacturing line increases your productivity and can reduce your production costs.

For example, drying rinse water off metal broom parts prior to powder coating them can save valuable time. Using infrared heating to dry the parts speeds up the process, saving you time and money. You also need less floor space than with a convection oven; with infrared, you can dry the same parts in a 15-foot space.

Increase Productivity

Simply choosing the right process for heating specific materials can increase your productivity.

For example, a new product design is great for sales, but the existing convection ovens can't cure the paint on the larger, heavier parts required by the design without slowing down the manufacturing line. With an infrared booster, you can supplement the existing ovens and reduce drying times. A booster installed near the current oven's entrance can require little or no additional floor space.

Improve Product Quality

The ability to heat only the product parts that require heat, and not the entire product, provides increased control and quality consistency.

For example, heat treating hammers for specific hardness properties can be done with conventional heat treating. With induction heating, you can selectively heat treat parts of the hammer consistent with their use (hardness vs. ductility).

Address Environmental Concerns

Being a good steward of the environment is good business, but sometimes it can create challenges. If you have replaced solvent-based coatings with environmentally friendly powder coatings, you will need a more efficient and environmentally sound way to cure them.

For example, with a combination of infrared heating and ultraviolet light, you can dry the coating while greatly reducing VOC emissions. Another benefit is that you have the ability to work with an increased number of substrates, including those used for ready-to-assemble furniture and commercial shelving.

Identify Energy Efficiency Measures

Using energy efficient processes when possible can improve your business' bottom line.

For example, using a slot furnace to heat metal bars used for exterior ladders on rail cars is not only an inefficient use of energy (only 10% efficient), it also creates a hot, uncomfortable environment for employees. Switching to induction heating - with 90% efficiency - will reduce energy costs. Another result is greater productivity from workers who will be much more cool and comfortable.


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