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Energy Saving Tips


See how these Energy Saving Tips can help you improve your business' bottom line. Additional tips will be added on an ongoing basis so be sure to visit this page in the future.

Business Tax Deductions for Lighting Retrofits

Your company can qualify for an accelerated federal tax deduction by performing a lighting retrofit that meets the requirements of Code section 179D of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

To qualify for the tax deduction several criteria must be met, including the following:

  • The new lighting levels must meet IESNA guidelines
  • The energy consumption of the new system must be at least 25 percent less than the prescribed lighting levels in ASHRAE 90.1,2001: more
  • The lighting retrofit must be completed by December 31, 2008.
  • The space must have two lighting levels other than on/off control. Dimming and switching meet this requirement. Certification of the property by a qualified engineer or contractor satisfying the requirements of IRS Notice 2006-52 and Internal Revenue Code section 179D is required.

Additional Information:
IRS Notice 2006-52
IRS Bulletin (page 32)

Compressed Air Savings

Graph A recent study by the Department of Energy revealed that only 50 percent of the compressed air produced is appropriately utilized.The remaining compressed air shows up as leaks, improper uses, or artificial demand (demand created by over-pressurizing the system).

  • Repair leaks
  • Reduce operating pressure
  • Use blowers instead of compressed air for cleanup
  • Use vacuum pumps instead of venturi vacuum nozzles
  • Look to Georgia Power's Energy Systems team for help

Electric Boiler Savings

Saving money can be as simple as flipping a switch on your existing boiler's control panel. By installing an electric boiler you can take advantage of low electricity prices throughout the year. When gas prices are lower, simply flip a switch to let your existing gas-fired boiler take over.

    Advantages: Electric boilers versus fossil-fired boilers
  • Smaller size
  • Higher reliability
  • Faster start-up
  • No pilot lights
  • Typically requires less maintenance
  • Higher efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No products of combustion
  • No flues or vent pipes
  • No roof penetrations
  • Quieter than gas boilers
  • More accurate temperature control
  • Radiates less heat

High Bay Lighting

Your old high bay lighting systems may be much more expensive to operate and maintain compared to the many new lighting options available today.

Older high bay lighting systems have higher operating/maintenance costs as well as higher lamp lumen depreciation and lower color rendering index (CRI).

  • New Metal Halide Fixtures - More efficient and higher CRI
  • New T-8 Fluorescent Fixtures - More efficient and longer life lamps
  • New T-5 Fluorescent Fixtures - More efficient and low lamp lumens depreciation
  • Look to Georgia Power's Energy Systems team for your specific lighting needs

Electric Infrared Technology

In almost every facility, there is at least one area that is difficult to heat. Some areas require doors to be constantly opened and closed – or even remain open. Other areas are very large or have particularly high ceilings that make it difficult to efficiently heat for the comfort of your employees. Electric infrared heating could be the answer to solve the comfort problems in these areas.

Electric infrared heating heats objects and people directly, instead of the surrounding air. In fact, people and objects such as equipment can actually be "warmer" than the air temperature with infrared heating. And infrared heating does not rely on hot air build-up that is often difficult to achieve in large buildings.

Infrared heating is 100% energy-efficient with up to 96% of the heat generated being radiated to the object. And it creates instant heat - no need to wait for heat build-up. Plus it's clean and safe, with no emission of harmful combustion by-products. In addition, it can be controlled by a thermostat with timers or with touch pads so it is only utilized when the area is occupied.

Electric infrared heaters are available in portable "roll-around" models or fixed, mounted units. And they have no moving parts, so maintenance is low. In addition, electric infrared heating allows you to control zones to maintain different temperatures in several areas.

    Typical electric infrared applications include:
  • Airplane Hangars
  • Pump House Freeze Protection
  • Open Air Restaurants
  • Quick Lube Stations
  • High and Low Bay Buildings
  • Emergency Shower Areas
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Loading Docks
  • Body Shops
  • Construction Sites
  • Hospitals
  • Outdoor Smoking Areas
  • Water Treatment Plants

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