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EarthCents® New Home

Georgia Power's EarthCents® New Home Program focuses on educating the home-buyers about the benefits of owning a qualified EarthCents New Home. These homes offer built-in quality and comfort and are more efficient than homes constructed to standard building codes. Through the installation of energy-efficient measures and products in new home construction, program-participating contractors will work with home-buyers to ensure that their newly-constructed home functions more energy-efficient than average homes.

To qualify as an EarthCents New Home, the new home energy performance must be tested and certified by an independent HERS rater. Contractors will choose a Georgia Power-certified HERS Rater and consult on program requirements. Click on the link below to view a list of HERS Raters by region.

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2017 Rebates & Offers

These rebates are available to home builders to offset the cost of a formal inspection by a certified Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rater and to assist with the incremental cost of installing the efficiency measures.

Georgia Power participating builders may also be eligible to receive $250 per heat pump system installed in a single-family home where available.

Georgia Power participating builders are eligible to receive $500 for each EarthCents HERS-qualified single-family new home with a HERS Index of 74 or better.

Additional Resources

Builder Participation
New Home Buyer Program Information

For more information on how to become a program-participating contractor, contact Tim Carter, Program Manager, at trcarter@southernco.com, Tara Mincey, Sr. Market Specialist, at tlmincey@southernco.com, or Lisa Baldwin, Energy Efficiency Support Representative, at libaldwi@southernco.com.

HERS Index

What is the HERS Index?

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