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Clearance Guidelines

Clearance Guidelines

To ensure your project is done correctly, a number of clearance guidelines must be followed in order for Georgia Power to safely provide service. This information also is available in the BlueBook.

Remember to always contact Georgia Power before beginning a project. Please call
1-877-365-3276 to contact an engineer.

Temporary Overhead Service
Clearance specs for temporary overhead-service electricity.

Residential Overhead Installation
Clearance specs for installing permanent overhead service for residential property.

Underground Temporary Service
Clearance specs for temporary underground service for supplying electricity.

Underground Permanent Service)
Clearance specs for permanent underground service for supplying electricity.

Notice Label For Equipment
Notice to let you know to keep shrubs and structures away from the equipment.

Padmount Transformer
Specs for the location of a padmount transformer from a building.

Traffic Guard Layout for Padmounted Equipment
Typical layout and specs for traffic guards around padmounted equipment.

Clearances for Swimming Pools
Clearance guidelines for buried cables near a swimming pool.

Conduit Under Road
Detailed specs for installing conduits under roads to connect to transformers.

Call Before You Dig

Call Before You Dig or Work

Before beginning any work in the vicinity of an overhead electrical line, call 811 to request an underground locator service or overhead safeguards. For more information, visit Call811.com.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Let us help you choose the right lighting to make your project more appealing and secure.