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Equipment Pictures

Equipment Pictures

To help you become familiar with the types of equipment used to deliver electric service, please refer to the pictures below for the various types of equipment that may be used at a construction site.

pole Temporary Pole - typical single-phase residential overhead temporary installation
transformer Commercial Transformer - typical three-phase commercial transformer installation
overhead lines Overhead Lines - picture of a line crew constructing overhead facilities
meter clusterSingle-phase underground construction temp
meter clusterUnderground single-phase apartment meter cluster
switch Switching Cubicle - typical three-phase switching cubicle used in large commercial and industrial applications
transformer Residential Transformer - typical single-phase, residential transformer installation
Call Before You Dig

Call Before You Dig or Work

Before beginning any work in the vicinity of an overhead electrical line, call 811 to request an underground locator service or overhead safeguards. For more information, visit Call811.com.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Let us help you choose the right lighting to make your project more appealing and secure.

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