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Home Energy Improvement Program

Georgia Power's Single Family Existing Home Energy Improvement Program focuses on educating our residential customers about the benefits of making qualifying home energy improvements and offers them several rebates which will help them save money and energy.

The 2017 Single Family Existing Program has two approaches: (1) Whole-House and (2) Individual Improvements.

Whole House
Available incentives are based on the home achieving a 25% electricity (kWh) savings after qualifying improvements are identified and installed. Customers are eligible for 50% of the installed cost up to $800 for qualifying improvements installed and 50% of the cost up to $150 for the Home Energy Assessment. Participation in the 2017 Whole House Home Energy Improvement Program is limited. An application for a reservation must be made in advance and approved prior to any rebates being paid. Please contact your local ICF account manager, email HIContractor@SouthernCo.com or call 1-877-310-5607 for additional information.

Individual Improvements
The Individual Improvements approach allows Georgia Power customers to receive incentives for installing one or more individual energy efficiency measures.

The 2017 Home Energy Improvement program rebates:
  • Programmable / Smart Thermostats. Customers who install a programmable or smart thermostat purchased from the Georgia Power Marketplace are eligible to receive an instant rebate of 50% of the cost up to $100. See georgiapower.com/marketplace for more details.
  • Heat Pump Conversion. Customers who replace a gas furnace with a ≥ 16 SEER VRF or ≥ 18 SEER traditional heat pump are eligible for an incentive of up to $250. Rebate available through 12/31/2017 while supplies last and subject to early termination.

Home Energy Improvement Program for Multifamily Existing: Reservation System Open

  • Home Energy Improvement Program Participating Contractors (PPC) wishing to submit Multifamily Whole House projects must secure an approved reservation to be eligible for incentives. The reservation system is now active and ready to accept requests.
  • If you are a Multifamily Property owner interested in participating in the Multifamily Whole House program, but do not have an approved 2017 Multifamily Eligible Program Participating Contractor, please contact your local ICF account manager or email HIContractor@SouthernCo.com.


  • Once Georgia Power's filed DSM annual program savings goals and budgets for the HEIP Single Family Whole House approach are met, the program will end for the remainder of the year and incentives will no longer be available. This applies to all Georgia Power Demand Side Management (DSM) programs within the 2017-2019 program cycle.
  • It is the responsibility of the PPC to track their allocation of Single Family Whole House projects. Incentives offered beyond the allocated number of HEIP Single Family Whole House projects allocated to the contractor are the responsibility of the PPC to honor, not Georgia Power.
  • After 2017 Single Family Whole House project allocation has been exhausted, no additional allocation will be provided for the 2017 program year.
  • Contractors seeking to submit Multifamily Whole House projects must participate in the Multifamily Whole House Reservation System or projects are not eligible for incentives.
  • The following approaches to the Home Energy Improvement Program are paused for 2017 but are intended to begin in 2018:
    • Single Family Individual Improvement
    • Multifamily Individual Improvement

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