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Marathon® Water Heater

Plumbers and Plumbing Supply Distributors,

From January 1 to December 31, 2017, there are ongoing promotional efforts consisting of newspaper, periodic magazine and online banner ads for the Marathon Water Heater rebate.

All our advertising efforts promote the benefits of a Marathon water heater including:

  • $525 Rebate
  • Manufacturer's lifetime tank warranty
  • Plus, Marathon is the last water heater our customers will ever need for their home
The Marathon water heater program offer:
  • Offer available for existing Georgia Power single-family customers who currently use natural gas or propane as the primary source for heating water
  • The $525 rebate is paid after the installation of the Marathon water heater
  • Must be a 40-gallon minimum tank size
  • The Marathon water heater program cannot be used in conjunction with any other Georgia Power water heating conversion program

Our advertising efforts drive interested consumers to Georgia Power's 1-800-524-2421 number and/or our Georgia Power Marathon website.