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Plug into the future of driving today

As the electric vehicle market continues to grow, a question we often receive is, “Will there be enough charging stations?” In the state of Georgia, the answer is a resounding, “Yes.”

We are committed to helping customers with their EV charging needs and advancing Georgia as a top EV-friendly state by ensuring that charging infrastructure is readily available. We’re adding more EV fast-charging stations along major travel routes. By the end of 2022, you’ll have access to more than 70 Georgia Power stations in addition to the many public chargers across the state.

With support of the Georgia Public Service Commission, we have invested millions in fast-charging EV infrastructure. So far, we've installed fast-charger locations across the state that are capable of 62.6kW output. This installation represents the very latest technology in EV fast charging, with charging speeds of up to 125kW – adding 100 miles in only 10 minutes – dual dispensers and power sharing capability.

Growing a community of EV owners and hosts

In addition to developing the public-charging infrastructure, we’re actively explaining the benefits of EV ownership and helping customers make the decision to switch easier than ever.

Learn more about:

  • Community charging locations

  • Charging an electric vehicle

  • Understanding EV options

  • Electric transportation news

  • Frequently asked questions

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We are also partnering with business customers to host community charging sites to help build even more infrastructure where you shop or play. If you are a business customer, you can become a part of our Community Charging program by hosting a site that expands electric transportation and attracts customers.

Here are a few of the benefits of hosting EV charging at your business:

  • We cover all installation, maintenance and electricity costs

  • You’ll attract customers while drivers charge their vehicles

  • You’ll be supporting sustainability efforts to reduce carbon emissions

If you meet program site requirements and are interested in helping grow Georgia’s charging infrastructure by hosting a Community Charging site, funding is scheduled to be available through December 31, 2022 but is subject to end earlier based on program participation.


If you want to learn more about driving electric and get updates on our community charging location grand openings, follow us on social media:

With your help, we can reduce electric vehicle range anxiety and promote EVs across Georgia.


Non-profits bring energía positiva to Georgia

Hispanic Heritage Month, Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, is a time to reflect on the contributions the Hispanic community makes in uniting, building, and inspiring change. Energía positiva is a term that encapsulates this spirit and comes to life within the work of these non-profit organizations.


HoPe (Hispanic Organization Promoting Education) is dedicated to increasing the graduation rate among Hispanic high school students through leadership development, educational resources, and community service. HoPe builds the self-esteem of students, empowering them to succeed, find purpose, and become leaders.

The Latino Community Fund

A charity that catalyzes investment and promotes collaborative work in the Hispanic community. It supports Latino-serving non-profits in Georgia with advocacy, program development, technical assistance, and grant making.

The Latin American Association

Empowering Latinos to adapt, integrate and thrive through civic engagement and advocacy, economic empowerment, youth services, family stabilization, well-being, and immigration services. 

Caminar Latino

A domestic violence program that creates opportunities for Latino families to transform their lives and communities by changing the social conditions that give rise to violence.

“For us, energía positiva means generating change. We’re definitely plugged into the community and support organizations working to improve the lives of Georgians across the state.”

– Misty Fernandez, Georgia Power Area Manager and current chair of the Latin American Association

Follow us on Instagram and see how we bring energía positiva to work and within the communities where we live:

To learn more about what these organizations are doing to create a better future and how we are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, please visit:


Protecting Georgia’s natural beauty

Through the Georgia Power Foundation, we support environmentally focused organizations and programs that are working to preserve the natural legacy of our state.

In 2017, we invested over $1 million to increase environmental awareness, improve air and water quality, preserve natural resources, and protect endangered species.

One of our most important partnerships is with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Working with them has helped reverse the loss of the great longleaf pine forests and the wildlife that once inhabited them. These vast woodlands are rivaled in size only by the Amazon rainforest and is a prime example of our commitment to stewardship of the environment.

Longleaf pines were a staple in the naval stores’ industries which fueled the growth of the timber industry. These pines were critical to the reconstruction period of the post-Civil War South. As an ecosystem reliant on periodic fire to thrive, additional losses due to national fire suppression policies and practices caused their decline to continue into the new millennium.

Our goal is to save both these priceless forests as well as endangered species such as the Red-cockaded Woodpecker. Originally covering more than 90 million acres from Texas to Virginia, the woodpecker’s numbers were reduced to three percent of their original size between the late 1800s to the turn of the 21st century.

We are firmly committed to being good stewards for Georgia by working towards conservation, restoration, and awareness so that future generations will have a prosperous and beautiful place to call home.

 For more information on our environmental regulations and initiatives, please visit:


A vital voice provides a warm welcome

Meet Georgia Power Customer Experience Manager Helen Shuford.

In Vital Voices, a new social media video series, learn how Helen volunteers with the Friends of Refugees in Clarkston to welcome new immigrants to Georgia by providing well-being, education, and employment programs. For Helen, it’s all about giving back to the community and truly being a service-minded citizen.

Helen Shuford

Hear Helen’s vital voice on our social channels:


Assist a neighbor in need through HEEAP

The Home Energy Efficiency Assistance Program (HEEAP), provides up to $3,750 worth of free energy-efficiency improvements to eligible income-qualified customers living in single-family or multi-family homes.

“We are extremely excited about this program and the donation component. It clearly demonstrates our commitment to helping those most in need of energy assistance as well as a platform for broader community support and engagement.”
- Eric Arnold, Residential Energy Efficiency Implementation Manager


The fruits of our labor with the Boys & Girls Club

One of our core values is being a citizen wherever we serve. This extends to our work with the Boys and Girls Club. We have teamed up to teach children how to prepare and maintain a garden, including planting and harvesting fruits and vegetables.

This unique partnership helps deserving children fight food insecurity while also creating a safe, inclusive, and engaging learning environment that will bear fruit for a lifetime.

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